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Refresh, revitalise… Chillax:

A sensational new and natural revitalising drink.

The energy and sports drink market is one of the biggest success stories of the 21st century. But most of the heroes of the sector deliver their boost in a huge rush of sugar, caffeine or other stimulant, with an inevitable crash soon afterwards. And they target an almost exclusively younger demographic – whether clubbers or extreme sports enthusiasts.

Chillax is different.

Its natural, mood-enhancing, vitamin-rich recipe, steady energy release and great taste mean Chillax answers theneeds of a far wider audience – anyone, in fact, who’s looking for a truly revitalising experience while they kickback, enjoy a little downtime and, simply… Chillax.


A revitalising drink made from cool stuff… naturally.

Today’s lives are lived at an ever-increasing pace, with no time to enjoy the now before it’s time to be somewhere else for the next thing in the diary. Energy drinks are one way to cope – at the cost of a post-rush crash.

But now there’s another way: it’s time to Chill with Chillax.

Chillax is different: made with all-natural fruit, plant and flower extracts chosen for their health-giving properties it is blended with sparkling water. It contains just 47 calories and, what’s more, it tastes great. Chillax refreshes and revitalises, releasing its energy slowly, with no spikes, no rushes – and no lows.

On its own, or as mixer, Chillax is the perfect ‘me-time’ partner for those searching for a way to help them refresh, recharge and revitalise. So, whether they’re finally sitting down to watch Homeland once the baby monitor has stopped squawking, catching up on the gossip with mates or getting their thoughts in line for that vital meeting, Chillax can help them seize the moment.



A great tasting natural revitalising drink for whatever, whenever – you decide

  • Made from high-quality all-natural ingredients including apple juice, elderflower, and a blend of B vitamins mixed gently with sparkling water.
  • Provides 30% RDA of Vitamin B6 and B12.
  • Low calorie and with a sustained release of energy it keeps you at your optimum – whatever you need that to be.
  • The natural sweetener from the Stevia plant provides the balanced taste without adding to the calories.
  • Gently mixed with sparkling water for maximum refreshment.
  • Created by one of the world’s top flavour blending houses and two years in the making.
  • No caffeine.
  • No artificial preservatives.
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